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As promised in the previous article, here is a sample LOR. This is specifically a sample for an LOR from the research guide.


It gives me immense pleasure to recommend XYZ, whom I have known since his junior year when I taught him the subject ‘Radio Frequency Circuits and Design’. Later, I supervised his lab sessions for the subject ‘Signal & Systems’ and was also his research guide. Having monitored his academic progress closely and analyzed his research capabilities, I strongly recommend XYZ for a Master’s program in your highly revered university.

XYZ has always been interested to know how things work; be it a small transistor or a high power microwave oven. This gave him an edge over the other students as others learnt the applications of different technologies and XYZ learnt it in the reverse manner which gave him an in-depth understanding of the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of the subject.

Another attribute that I would like to point out is his performance during the lab hours. XYZ was among the very few students who came up with novel perspectives to look at a problem. I believe that such a viewpoint can only be achieved by keeping oneself updated with the latest publications and journals. The holistic outlook towards the understanding of a concept and then implementing the same was commendable.

XYZ has always been a go-getter. He came up with the idea for the final year project on ‘Speech to Speech Language Translator’. Initially, I rejected the idea but he talked me into accepting it. I expected a few challenges but the way he tackled all of them impressed me. At a crucial point, the research came to a dead-end due to the unavailability of particular components, but XYZ, very adeptly, stood his ground and replaced the complete block and managed to do so without any changes in the expected results. With extensive research on the topic, he managed to make a prototype which could translate a database of words into fifteen different languages. His ability to make working models out of theoretical concepts was exemplary and serves to substantiate his research potentials.

Another attribute that I would like to point out is his flair for presentations. This could easily be seen during his project presentations. The means used by XYZ seemed rather simple but the interest level developed in his audience was noteworthy.

I have no qualms in his capacity to perform at the graduate level. The state-of-the-art research facilities clubbed with the world-renowned facilities at your university will surely convert the incipient research capabilities into full-grown ones. With this type of nurturing, he is bound to excel. Having done a comprehensive assessment of his competences, I sincerely recommend XYZ to your Master’s program.


Prof. ABC

M.E (Electronics & Communication)

Assistant Professor

Electronics & Telecommunication Department

DEF College

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